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Avoid 3 Common Job Seeking Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when it comes to searching for a job. The problem with these mistakes though is that they could ruin any chance you have to work for a company. Luckily, by learning about the mistakes others have made, you can avoid them to increase your chances of an employer saying, “You’re hired!”

Job Seeker’s Mistake #1: Giving an Unprofessional First Impression

Many people will visit companies they are interested in working for wearing jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. While they are just asking if the company is hiring, their outfit screams they are not trying to impress anyone.

With everyone seeking jobs online now, unprofessionalism can still sneak in to sabotage chances with a hiring company. When emailing a company to inquiry about a position, some people will misspell the recipient’s name and include grammar and spelling errors.

Avoiding the Mistake:

Dress to impress when visiting a company. While you don’t need to wear a three piece suit, wearing slacks, a button down shirt, and a tie will highlight professionalism.

Online connections can be just as impressionable as in person ones. For this reason, make sure you’ve spelt the recipient’s name correctly, proofread your inquiry, and provide enough information about your experience, so the hiring manager knows how to answer your email.

Job Seeker’s Mistake #2: Calling a Company Multiple Times

People excited about the possibility of working for a company sometimes make the mistake of calling too many times, which ruin their chances of ever being hired. When you call a company more than once to check on an application’s status, you tell the company that you are overbearing and need reassurance. These are not desirable qualities to have when working as part of a team.

Avoiding the Mistake:

A week after submitting an application it is perfectly fine to check in to make sure it was received. However, calling one time to check on it is all that is needed. Actually, calling after submitting an application shows an employer that:

  1. You are organized and proficient in following up.
  2. You want the company to know you are interested in the position and have the talent they seek.

Job Seeker’s Mistake #3: Setting Eyes on Only One Company

Job seekers know what they want, and some will not broaden their scope no matter what, which leads them to being unemployed for much longer than they truly need to be. This may be because they want a company with a certain acclaim or benefits. The problem is that if that company doesn’t hire them, they go through a period of depression before moving on to finding other opportunities.

Avoiding the Mistake:

Don’t set your eyes on one company. Apply to as many positions you’re interested in and have experience in. If you end up receiving an offer from your dream company, great; if not, you’ll at least have some great backups.

Succeed at Job Searching

Now that you know how to make a good first impression, call only once after submitting an application, and broadening your scope, you’ll have much more success in finding a job. So get out there, search, apply, and conquer the career you’ve prepared for all these years. You deserve it, and you’ll get it, as long as you persevere.

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